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Head Lice Removal Service 

What to expect on your visit:

lice extraction

Thorough Forensic Check 

​The hair is divided into small, manageable section and I will conduct a meticulous examination using a specialist lice vacuum extractor attachment. This device removes live lice of all sizes, with a filtering system that allows us to inspect the extracted head lice to assess the level of infestation.

Application of serum and comb out

I will then apply a specialist, non-toxic, hypoallergenic head lice serum. This potent serum ensures the swift demise of any lingering live lice while preventing the development of eggs.   Application is done meticulously to smother all lice and eggs.


 I will then comb through the hair, eliminating eggs and nits (empty hatched eggs). This step ensures a thorough removal process.

nit comb

Post Treatment:

Upon completion, you will leave the salon with the serum still on your hair. You can wash it off at home after approximately 2 hours, though this can be longer or shorter if needed. I will provide you a disposable hair cap for you to wear home.


2nd appointment:

You will need a follow up appointment  7-9 days later, which will be a similar process, but the vacuum is not used.


For a shoulder-length mild infestation the appointment will typically last around 1 hour. Longer or thicker hair, as well as more severe infestations, may require additional time. Feel free to bring drinks and snacks for your yourself and children, devices can also be used during the treatment.


Head lice removal:

Full treatment 1st appointment:        £75     

Follow up appointment:                       £45

Very short hair i.e. boys:                        £45

Follow up:                                                  £30

Check:                                                         £25

Severe infestations may need a 3rd appointment. ​

Mobile prices will be slightly more, please get in touch for a price. 

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